ReflexStrike™ by AuraSoho®

ReflexStrike™ by AuraSoho®

ReflexStrike™ by AuraSoho®

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What Are The Problems Due to Lack Of Activity in a Child?

  • Lowered metabolism.
  • Increased risk of back pain.
  • Drop in healthy cholesterol
  • Elevated increase in risk of cardiovascular disease.


Why is Movement So Important?

It's what our bodies were designed to do. With every movement, complex systems are put into place; it's not just one muscle that makes your body move. When speaking about children and movement, we refer to it as gross motor skills, and moving those large muscles helps a child to grow appropriately and gain balance and coordination.

ReflexStrike™ Features:

✅ Keeps your kids entertained for hours

✅ Improves hand-eye coordination

✅ Healthy alternative to computer and video games

✅ Adjustable headband suitable for all ages!

✅ Lightweight and portable for any road-trips

✅ Rated 'Best Toy of the Year' for 2019, by parents worldwide

The Training Kit Contains:

  • 1x An Elastic Band
  • 1x Light Ball
  • 1x Elastic Headband
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